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 Pet owners understand the cost associated with caring for their pet or pets. Food, vaccinations, flea control, toys, beds and medical assistance when needed – it all adds up far too quickly sometimes. Shelters deal with financial challenges every day. Regardless of whether our economy is up or down, abandoned and lost pets who have found their way to any shelter need the continued generosity of others for food, shelter and medical care. “No kill” shelters are located in most states, and costs can be staggering. Fortunately, pet food companies like to help out. However, most shelters still rely on the generosity of individuals who can donate money to help pay for everyday expenses, medical treatments and medications for those animals who are sick.


We are a small local shelter that can no longer accepts unwanted or stray cats simply because of our small yearly budget.  Our shelter helps local residents pay for spaying and neutering so money is extremely tight for them. We do receive some donations of food, which is a big help, and people are passionate about promoting spaying and neutering to help reduce the number of kittens born that may become the next generation of homeless pets. Most no kill shelters actively promote and educate the public on the importance of responsible pet ownership to help people understand why they should alter their pet. In order to help our shelter, which is at full capacity, a handful of us try to take in pets needing a home. Sometimes it’s only for a short period until that pet can be placed in a new home, but usually we become their new caretakers. So I understand the cost associated with caring for multiple pets.

Money isn’t the only way you can donate to the Purr-fect Companions. You can help out by giving your local shelter time. You could be asked to help with office work, organize donation campaigns, groom pets, unload donations of pet food, play with cats, clean cages or even be a foster parent for a pet needing some TLC after an illness or surgery. Time is just as important and appreciated as money if you can’t make a cash donation. Shelters depend on volunteers to help stretch their yearly budgets.

We do understand that money can be tight for most people at this time.  Consider volunteering your talents and abilities to further our cause. 

We do have outstanding verterinarian bills, most of the time, as we try to pay down our balances. We thank all of those who have donated in the past!  We wouldn't be here without their help.  We want to continue to help cats who are in need, but without donations, this is an impossible task.  We are 100% Volunteer and Community involved non-profit.  It is through the volunteers that assist with daily care, our website, social media, fundraising, raising awareness and promoting what we do for cats and kittens and keep them from euthanization.  We keep our address hidden from the public to keep people from "dropping off" cats on the doorstep, without any information on them, which in turn costs the Sanctuary more money with vet tests and possible treatments.  This is a major issue for shelters and sanctuaries accross the US. 

We don't have the resouces that Cleveland APL and other County agencies have.  We are trying!  But it takes volunteers to help make those contacts and recieve the help.

Please consider making a donation, however large or small it will help us continue to help the cats. 

If you would like to volunteer and donate some time, we would love to speak with you.  It all makes a difference!

We have a REAL NEED for Scoopable Litter for the cats at this time!

We can pick up (a reasonable distance in our area) or dropped it off.
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You can make a donation of $10.00 to the shelter which in turn will enable us to purchase 1 large bag of good scoopable litter.
(100% Tax Deductable) 
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