To know Kelly is to love her since she is an affectionate serene kitty. If you’d like a cat that will be loyal and loving, please consider Kelly who has one of the sweetest dispositions we’ve ever encountered. She is spayed, has all her shots, and is ready to be part of a family.  


Dino Purrfect Companions

Dino is an older black male with a white undercoat. He is a devoted cat who always wants you to know that he is greeting you and likes your attention but not for excessive lengths of time. He likes his naps but does not particularly like to be awakened, just like most of us. When he is awake he loves a short brushing session and lots of talking to but after a limited time on your lap he will probably move over and sit next to you. He loves to look out of the windows and to know what is going on around him. Birds, squirrels and his own sunbeam are of particular interest and make him very happy.

An ideal home for Dino would probably be with working or retired owner(s) who could respect his needs and which should also include his being the only cat. (Children or a high energy environment would not be a good placement for him.)  His appetite is usually quite good.  He enjoys people, just not too many at one time.
In his own home he could blossom and be a wonderful addition. That will depend on you. What a wonderful gift it would be for Dino if you were able to give him that home he has always needed.


Arthur loves being adopted

Arthur is a special needs kitty in that he has a walking disability. Sort of like someone with hip arthritis. He is quiet and likes to play if he doesn't have to dodge the more assertive cats. He especially likes the laser light. He is at least 11 yrs old.


For the benefit of the Cats

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It all goes for the well being of the cats. (shelter, food, veterinarians, utilities, etc.)

Our Adoption Process

Our Adoption Process

Please understand that we are looking for loving full time owners for our cats.  We do not allow cats to leave after one visit to our facilty.  It is a process to ensure the well being of the cat and family which is intersted.

We ask that you would call and make an appointment to see our Cats and facility.  It is strange that most new owners are picked by the cats themselves.  It is a bond which they are looking for.   Once you are here we can have you fill our one of our applications.  We will speak with our board about your application and see if you are approved.

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