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History of Purr-fect Companions

In 2004, a call for help went out from an animal shelter in Cleveland, Ohio.  One of those answering the call is now the founder and executive director of Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary.  The owner of the original shelter had taken in over 100 cats from two separate hoarder homes in another county.  The cats came from deplorable conditions.  They had to be vaccinated, spayed or neutered.  They did not know what litter pans were.  Some were put in windowless rooms with only artificial light by day.  Others were in a warehouse in 6 x 8 pens covered with chicken wire.  Those in the last group were put in cages in the warehouse...sometimes two to a cage  They stayed this way for a year and a half.
Purrfect Companions Cat Adoption Center in Cleveland OhioWhen the owner of the original shelter announced the shelter would be closing, and the city would take the cats and, most likely, euthanize them, the volunteers sprang into action.  The Executive Director, Ann Wilson, purchased a facility and renovated it to accommodate the cats in one half and a caretaker in the other half.  In early September, 2007, over 100 cats were moved to their new home at Purr-fect Companions Cat Sanctuary.  Today, some of these same cats now live in a facility designed for their comfort and freedom.  As close to "home" as a shelter can be.  They are friendly, litter
box trained, socialized, and ready to move into your lap!  They are ready to live the life they were always meant to live.

Goal of Purrfect Companions Cat Sanctuary

The main goal of Purr-fect Companions Cat Sanctuary is to place all of our Cats and Kittens in loving homes.  If you know someone who might be looking for a loving Cat or Kitten to join them in their home is to let them know about our organization.  We want to help reduce the Cat population in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  The rewards of owning a loving Cat is the love that they give back.

Arthur needs a new home! Bella found her old family again Purr-fect Companions of Cleveland Ohio


Please come and meet the Cats and Staff. We are always seeking new volunteers for many tasks.

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