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We strive to make all of our rescue cats feel like they are part of a loving family while with us. As much as we would like to help all cats in need and minimize those who end being euthanized due to overcrowding or illness, the reality is that we are limited to what we can do by ourselves. We are one of a handful of no-kill shelters in the state of Ohio, but it is a costly venture. All of the cats and kittens we bring in have a thorough vet exam, are spayed or neutered and receive treatments as needed.

Consider adoption or donate to help keep our doors open and give these beautiful cats a chance to have a "FOREVER" home.
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For Adoption

Breed: American Shorthair
Age: Senior


Beautiful Whispers, 10 yr old female


Breed: Tabby
Age: Kitten

Sweet kitten AIDAN - just look at that sweet face! Please give us a call at 216-671-MEOW to meet him!

Meet BETSY! She is at the sanctuary, waiting for a new family. MEET HER!  -  216-671-MEOW

Breed: Tabby
Age: Adult

My name is Bobbi and I am a very sweet 4 year old brown tabby. "I was thrown out of an apartment window when young and am a bit shy. But I love to be petted and would most happy in a quiet, loving home where I am the only pet."

Breed: Black
Age: Adult


My name is Cabet and I came to the shelter in early 2016 with my mom Eva, and my two brothers, Tazman and Smudge. I am a little shy, but am anxious to find a home with a very special someone who will have patience while I grow up.


Breed: Mixed Longhair
Age: Kitten

A sweet lil girl. Affectionate and playful.MINX  -  216-671-MEOW

Breed: Black
Age: Young

New handsome boy, 3 yr old ONYX  216-671-MEOW

Breed: Black
Age: Young


I am Smudge, and one of three brothers who were rescued and brought to the Sanctuary in early 2016 with my mom Eva. We have done well here and are now over a year old. I have a little more white in my fur coat than my brothers, Cabet and Tazman, who are mostly black. I am playful and friendly and really want to find a forever home. 


Breed: Black
Age: Young
Hi, I'm Tazman (Taz for short) and look a lot like my brother Cabet. We came to the shelter when we found with my mom, Eva, who was shot in the leg. She is doing better, be we all need need a chance to find forever love and acceptance in a permanent home. Won't you come see me and the rest of my family at the Sanctuary?

Another new kitten at the sanctuary, TENIELLE  -  216-671-MEOW

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lgt yellow  Seniors & Special Needs - 8 yrs +
lgt green  Adult Cats - 4 to 8 yrs.
lgt blue  Kittens & Young Cats - Up to 3 yrs.

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