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Informational Articles

Games I can play with my cat....

Playing games with your cat is a fun, simpl…

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Healthful Ways To Keep Eyes On Your Mature Cat
As your cat gets older…

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Be prepared should be your mantra following bringi…

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5 Tips on Leash-Training Your Cat

Spring is here, which means that the weather will be warmer, the grass will be greener, and the flowers will be blooming. It will be a wonderful time to be outside! But what about your feline companion? If your cat wants to go outside, but you know enough to keep him or her indoors, consider this a compromise!

Leash-training cats is becoming more common, and it’s a great way for your cat to enjoy the outdoors safely. Although it can be time-consuming, it will be rewarding for both of you in the end.…

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Special Diets of Cats


Cats have different dietary needs compared to dogs. Many of the special needs are due to a difference in liver and digestive enzymes between the two species. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has developed separate minimum requirements for dog and cat foods (See Table 1), and from these, it becomes evident why dog food should NOT be fed to cats. Special feline nutritional needs include:…

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It has been about 4,000 years since the first cat…

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Pet owners know that dogs and cats often ha…

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Summer months can pose risks that can cause injuri…

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Cats can be major stinkers. We're not talking about smell, but rather their “catty” behavior towards their humans. Cats believe they are superior to all other living things.

Don't you feel that sometimes they are just humoring us humans? Sometimes, their behavior can go to extremes and make us all crazy. Whether it is caterwauling, stalking, pouncing or displaying their dual personalities and schizophrenic tendencies, sometimes coexisting with your cat can be nerve-wracking and almost not worth the trouble. However, with a few basic tips, you can live with your cat peacefully. Ok, peaceful might be a relative term, but you get the idea!

Co-existing tip #1 – Take your cue from your cat. Many times, us humans do not know when to stop petting. Usually your cat will instigate a petting session, but they can only put up with so much petting and become over stimulated. Since they cannot turn around and tell us to back off, they let us know in their own way that “enough is enough” by nipping at us. This does not indicate that they are being malicious, but rather that they need their own time-out from the petting. By cueing into their behavior moments before they nip, you can avoid their sharp little teeth. Tensing of the body, tail flicking, and even pinned back ears are all signs leading to the cat's nipping behavior.…

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Cats and Peppermint

Now is the time of year to get Peppermint Extract…

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I've written extensively on how to become a petsitter. It occurred to me that not everyone wants to be one. So, for those who don't want to "be" a petsitter, but could use the services of one, I am now addressing this question.


Obviously, a petsitter is a trusted person. If I am hiring a petsitter, I want to know that my computer, TV and jewelry will be there when I get back. I want to know that my pet is safe and lovingly cared for. How can I tell if the person I'm interviewing for the job will do what I want and be trustworthy?


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I need a human

sammy needs a human to love
I am ready for adoption.  Can I love you!?

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