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Summer months can pose risks that can cause injuries to your cat. The list of summer-time dangers to cats includes fireworks associated burns, all related injuries, heatstroke and sunburns.  Pets shouldn’t be around fireworks at all. Cats who enjoy chasing moving objects may pounce on firecrackers, or bat at sparklers and get burned or injured. The noise generated by fireworks can also scare your cat.  Turning on a radio or television may help offset the sound of fireworks.  High rise syndrome is the term associated with cats who fall out of windows or off balconies. Even though cats possess a flexible musculoskeletal system, great balance and a righting reflex, they don’t always escape injury from falls.

Studies show that cats falling from heights up to four stories generally have time to right themselves, land on their feet and escape serious injury. However, cats who fall from balconies or windows located fifth—eighth stories tend to suffer the worst injuries because they land with feet and legs braced and rigid, causing leg fractures, chest injuries, broken jaws, concussions, spinal injuries and ruptured organs. Be sure to secure your window screens so that your curious cat cannot push them out and end up outside and lost. While most cats hate water, some may fall into pools or hot tubs and be unable to get out. Heatstroke can be fatal to cats, and can occur both when cats are indoors or inside parked vehicles. Cats cool off by licking their fur so the saliva evaporates to cool the body. When outside air is higher than normal body temperature (about 102 degrees) evaporation will not help. Unlike dogs, cats almost never pant unless overwhelmed by the heat. Some cats enjoy sunbathing. However just like people cats are at risk for sunburns. Keep cats out of the sun during the hours of most intense sunshine—between 9:00am and 3:00pm. If you are hot, realize that your cats are hotter and take necessary precautions to protect them.

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