Cleveland Ohio Cat shelter have many cats and kittens up for adoption. We care and house the cats until we have found a home for them. Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization who are seeking loving, long term adoptions to individuals and/or families in the Cleveland area.

We appreciate donations of all kinds. It doesn't have to always be cash.

We currently have a rather large "Need List" for our Sanctuary.

If you could donate some items to us, the cats will be so thankful for your generosity.  You can find it


Purr-fect Companions 5th annual Wine and Whiskers Fundraiser

May 4, 2019  5PM - 8PM

We are raising money to ensure the well being of all of the cats at our sanctuary.  We need to raise money to keep our facility in good shape, provide, food, vet care, and a loving environment until we can place them in a forever home.  These costs are considerable and we rely on our community leaders, business owners, families and individuals to help us reach our goals to continue our mission of rehabilitating cats to live in a free roaming cage free environment with love for them to ensure their best health.

ozzieasleepPlease mark your calendars to our Wine and Whiskers Fundraiser!
West Park Party Center
3556 W. 130th, Cleveland

ALL tickets must be purchased by April 30th.  $30 per person
Checks accepted. Mail request to:
PCS Fundraiser, P.O. Box 770992
Cleveland, OH 44107
To donate or for more information:
Phone: 216-671-6369
Email: [email protected]

INCLUDES: door prize ticket, dinner, soft drinks, coffee & 1 drink ticket for wine or Beer (Cash bar available)
MENU: Chicken Marsala, Pasta Primavera, Glazed Ham, Redskin Potatoes, Rice Pilaf, Green Beans, Salad, Rolls and Desserts

- drawings start at 7:30 pm  / $1 Sideboards - Win $25!

Help area cats in the Cleveland by attending our Dinner Fundraiser!

Why should you adopt from Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary?

We have been providing medical care, housing, and a voice to help them find a home since 2006.

Are the cats neutered/spay and declawed?

All cats are neutered/spay.  Kittens maybe if over 6mo. old. We provide the best possible veterinarian care available.

We DO NOT declaw any cats, period.  We believe that this is part of what makes a cat, a cat.  We may have some brought to us who were previously declawed.

How well do you know the cats?

We pride ourselves as knowing each of the cats personalities, traits, quirks, and any medical issues.  We keep the cats in a cage free, and free roaming environment to keep them socially active among themselves. 

What are the costs of adopting from PCS?

Our Sanctuary include spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and viral tests in the adoption fee. If your vet performed these procedures, it would cost much more. Such a deal to pass on to our adopters!  $75 for Cats, $100 for Kittens!

Mr. Pusserkins loves to rub and purr for attention.

Many other reasons

Our organization is 100% Volunteer run! 100% Community Driven!

We have many different types of Cats!

We have kittens and cats of all types of breeds:  American Shorthair, Tabby, Mancoon, Tortoise Shell, and others  We don't discriminate!

A range of ages to Adopt!

We have Kittens & Young Cats (Up to 3 years)

We have Adult Cats (3-8 years)

We have  Senior Cats (Over 8 years)

You will be a HERO!

Become a hero! When you adopt from a shelter or rescue, you’re saving a life. If you want to be a superhero, adopt an at-risk kitty. Due to a lack of resources, other shelters often euthanize animals they consider unadoptable first. Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary is a No-Kill Shelter!  We care for them for their entire life if need be.


The Cats love Visitors!

The Cats know when someone new arrives to see them.  The perky eyes head towards the door as it opens.  You can see the Cats come alive!


All of our Volunteers are passionate about Cats!  We are involved with activities and tasks to ensure the cats well being and care is maintained.  We would love for you to bring your passion to our team!  Contact us HERE!

Make an Appoinment Today!

The Cats are looking for a new home for themselves. Come see if they pick you!

You can Email or Call our Sanctuary. 216-671-6369

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