Beautiful Cats and Kittens to enjoy with your family.

We Bring Humans & Felines Together

Cleveland area Cats need and want to be in your home.

Cleveland Cats up for adoption.

Cleveland, Ohio Cat Shelter/Sanctuary is a local feline rescue shelter focused on providing rehabilitation of and medical care for abandoned, disabled and senior cats in a cage-free, no-kill environment. Volunteers spend hours interacting with our residents to foster a friendly and loving atmosphere while preparing them for their eventual forever homes. As a 501(c)3 organization, we rely entirely on private donations and proceeds from fundraising events to support our efforts.


Loving Cats and kittens are in need of permenant homes in Cleveland, Ohio area..
How the PCS came to be, what we do, and our process.
Since the very beginning we have done our best to help, especially when the worst happens.  We hadn't thought ourselves to be a rescue group, but improving the lives of other felines in a bad situation was needed and we answered the call.
Once we had the cats housed and given the vet care needed, we ran out of funds so we figured out we better start by seek a 501(c)3 so we could continue to help cats and kittens in need in the Cleveland area.
It has been a wild ride since 2006!  But we have managed, thanks to you!

We want all of the Cats to enjoy a life with a loving person or family.


Every Cat in the Sanctuary is loved and cared for while living with a community of other Cats and Kittens.

You really should experience the feeling in the rooms of felines.


When we have a new Feline come to the Sanctuary, our concern is the health of the cat, where its been, if they had vaccines, and are healthy.

All Felines are seen by our Veterinarian, giving vaccine, medicine, spay or neutering as needed..


Our Volunteers communicate any issues with felines to shelter Manager and Director, and necessary steps can be taken when needed..

Every volunteer helps immensely! Why not join us!.


We speak on behalf of all of the Cats at the Sanctuary. We are their voice. The community of Felines live in a cage free no-kill environment and thrive.

Every Cat is brings their own personality to the community.

5 / 5.0
5 / 5.0
5 / 5.0
5 / 5.0

Felines across Ohio are finding it harder to get help finding homes.

About 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one every 13 seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year. Often these animals are the offspring of cherished family pets. Spay/neuter is a proven way to reduce pet overpopulation, ensuring that every pet has a family to love them.
We are doing our part!

Do you love Cats?

Hover over me.

We sure DO TOO!

We believe that we have a job to do finding cats a new homes in Cleveland area.

We recognize there are many Cat enthusiasts in our area and would like to extend our reach to all of you!

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