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Purr-fect Companions Cat Sanctuary

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History of Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary

In 2004, a call for help went out from an animal shelter in Cleveland, Ohio. The owner had taken in over 100 cats from two hoarder homes in another county. The cats came from deplorable conditions - some had lived in windowless rooms with only artificial light by day. Others lived in 6 x 8 pens covered with chicken wire and kept in a warehouse. They did not know what litter pans were and were never vaccinated, spayed or neutered. When the owner of the original shelter announced the shelter would be closing and the city would be taking the cats, most likely euthanizing them, the founder and Executive Director of Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary, Ann Wilson, sprang into action. With the help of volunteers, she purchased and renovated a facility in Cleveland to house the cats in one half and placed a caretaker in the other half. In early September of 2007, over 100 cats were moved to their new home at Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary where they could roam free without cages - as close to "home" as a shelter can be. Since then, the Sanctuary has found homes for many of them and have taken in others. Once acclimated to the shelter and liter-box trained, they socialize with other cats and humans to prepare for adoption. We have cats of all ages all with their own unique personalities. Make an appointment to visit us and open your heart and loving home to one or more of our residents.

Our Goals and Passion

heartcatsAt Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary, we have created an environment where rescued, disabled and senior cats are treated with unconditional love. Our cats live in a free-roaming environment where they socialize with volunteers people and other cats. We take the time every day to stimulate our cats' minds and bodies through active play, brushing and petting, making sure they all get the individualized attention that they need to thrive in a forever home.

If you have any questions, are looking to adopt a cat, wish to donate or, become a volunteer, please contact us. Thank you!
(216) 671-6369


Please consider adopting a cat from Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary.

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