Here are all of the categories of Cats we have at the Sanctuary at this time. 

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Cats for Adoption | Cleveland Cats need adopted near me.

In the many years of running our shelter/sanctuary, we have seen so many kittens, young, adult, and senior cats join our community. Through those years we saw that Adult cats were being adopted at a higher rate than kittens (these were our results) A number of those kittens ended staying with us for many years. Our volunteers and director were concerned, so the decision was made to make any new cat coming into the Sanctuary was older than 3 years of age. We were not set up for loads of requests for kittens to be placed with us. We ask other shelters who are better suited for kittens to be their spokespeople.


Young Cats up to 3 years of age.

We are lowering our younger cat population.  We are leaving other shelters that are better suited to place them into new families. We do have a couple of wonderful young cats to adopt.


This has been the largest segment of our population. It seems that so many senior cats have a harder time getting adopted, We have succeeded in adopting mostly older cats.


Some of the needs of the cats are old age and feline leukemia.

All of these Cats are 100% adoptable, but have medical needs and/or special diets, or need a consistent vet appointment schedule. FeLv+ (Feline Leukemia) FeLv+ is not a killer or transmittable to humans, but can be transmitted to other cats.  We recommend you reading more on the subject or asking your veterinarian.


Tutti found a loving forever family.

We pride ourselves on finding new owners for the felines we have.  Some may say we are too detailed, but that is for the cat's benefit. We want the cats we adopt we make sure that potential owners are making a commitment to them, so they don't end up in the same positions as many cats do.  Out in the cold. We need responsible pet owners who want the special bond that a cat gives. We have been very blessed to have many new owners become awesome new parents to their new home.


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