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  1. We've seen dogs to trust falls, but cats? That's a new one! Watch as Didga, who takes part in other un-cat-like activities like skateboarding, trust fall into her owner's lap.
  2. Blind dog rescued from lake, contaminated dog food recalled, penguin chicks hand-reared, and more animal news
  3. A recent study revealed that catnip isn't the only plant cats tend to enjoy. From silver vine to honeysuckle, learn which plants your feline friend may go crazy for.
  4. Taking your cat for a walk isn't impossible... even if your kitty isn't comfortable on a leash. Here's one editor's experience with her cat, Trixie.
  5. From modeling sessions turned forever homes to a geriatric pup finding a second chance, here are five stories about pet adoption that will warm your heart.

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