We are in a fiscal emergency at this time!

We rely on Public and Corporate Donations

Even with the many generous donors, we still struggle

A Breakdown of our costs

Being transparent to our potential donors is important, but will show  you the percentages in our outlay of costs associated with running our Sanctuary.

Veterinarian Costs56%
Facility and Maintenance Costs19%
Paid Staff and Tax Costs10%
Cat Food and Incidentals6%
Print Media & Branding3%
Additional Costs1%

Why Consider PCS when donating to a non profit?

Established Area Non Profit

Since 2006, PCS has learned from experience what it takes to run a cat shelter/sanctuary.  Our expertise in knowing all the cats traits and personalities will make it much easier for you to know what they like and don't. 
We want you to be happy with your feline and have it fit into your life and lifestyle. 
We also have cats that are not available for adoption as they may have health or demeanor problems.  Don't worry.  They are our permenant residents and will be cared for until they leave us for heaven.  It's our responsibility.

Spice, a lovely tortoise shell female cat needs adopting in the Celveland, Ohio area.

We are so thankful for individuals, families, and businesses for all of the support over the years.  All of the volunteers go the extra mile to see that are seen by the public can see and meet as many cats as possible.  Our organization is small, but relentless in finding the cats new homes in the Cleveland community.

ALL DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED, from individuals, families, and businesses.  All gifts are Tax Deductible and benefit the cats and facility to continue finding these cats a new home.  We are always seeking people who love cats and promote a responsible feline life.  Please consider us when you are making donations to worthy causes.  Our being responsible handlers and volunteers sure make a difference is made, but we need your help to continue support to maintain the organization and facility.  The costs are great, and need the communities help.


Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary' Amazon Wishlist


Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary has provided so many Cats a second chance in finding a FOREVER home. Even so, we are limited to the number of cats we can take in, and often have to turn many away. Overcrowding does not promote good health, and some cats get very stressed if not able to find some quiet place of their own. Our cats roam free throughout the shelter unless sick or is a new cat in isolation before being released into the population. Residents that are not adopted, grow old with dignity among their friends and family at the Sanctuary, but you can help us in other ways:

1. Share our website and organization with friends and family so they can be aware of our Cats and how much they are in need of a new home.

2. Make a Donation or Sponsor a cat.

3. We are in need of different products which we use for the facility and for the cats.  Here is a list of some of those items:

Sheba cat food  -  a variety of all flavors
Purina Indoor dry cat food  -  large bags really needed
Friskies canned cat food  -  pate or shreds most preferred
                                                     none of the newest " Farm " flavors    
3 level cat scratcher with the large cardboard scratcher midway up the tower  -  we'd love 2 of these!
Turbo replacement pads  -  small size
Catego Flea medicine
Feliway multi refills
Small toys, with or without catnip
          PETSTAGES "mousing around hide & treat" toy mice are really cute!  but only if it is the regular name brand treats work in them.
Loose catnip

In need of a Radio for the Cats to listen to when at the Facility.
Scoopable litter: Precious Cat, Tidy Scoop Clumping
Toys, laser pointers, cardboard scratchers
13-gallon drawstring garbage bags
Laundry soap and antibacterial sanitizers
Bleach (gallon jugs), Lysol or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
Paper towels, glass cleaner, sponges
Stamps and envelopes
Gift cards from Walmart, Target, Lowe's, Home Depot, Amazon.com, all pet supply stores.

Most of all...we need Volunteers!

For 12 years now, we have relied on so many individuals and families to make time to further our efforts and visibility within the Cleveland, Lakewood, Rocky River, Parma, Old Brooklyn, and so many east side Communities. We are seeking animal lovers to help with our Sanctuary and Cats. If you have a special skill that could assist us, we would gladly accept. We are in need of computer savvy people who could take photos, video, assist with office needs as well. We would appreciate any number of hours a week or month.

Drop us an email, and lets talk soon.


If you would like to mail a check as a donation please use the following address:

Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary
P.O. Box
Lakewood, OH 44107

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