New FOREVER Homes found!

we adopted 3 cats in Cleveland Ohio.We have big news to share, times three! Razzle, SuLin, and Hailey have all been adopted recently! This is HUGE and we are so pleased to see these incredible cats go to great families! As you probably remember, many of you chipped in to help Razzle receive life-changing surgery. He has been a totally different cat since, full of life and loving to play. SuLin is FIV+ and came to us last Spring as a kitten. It has been amazing watching her grow up into an adorable little lady with confidence. Through constant socialization, she grew into a cat that really loved being around people as well as other cats. Hailey arrived with her sister, Stormy, last July. These two were quite the team and looked like little mice running around when in their teeny-tiny stage! Hailey quickly positioned herself as the more outgoing of the two, while Stormy still is on the shyer side. Thank you so much to everyone for your support! We look forward to more adoptions and helping our cats find their perfect homes.

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