Today is Giving Tuesday!

Help make a difference for organizations, including ours.

We encourage you to share this fundraiser with anyone who loves cats, animals, have a kind heart, or wanting to help area organizations.

Purr-fect Companions has been fostering felines since 2006. We are a no kill, no cage Sanctuary, meaning we will foster the cats without the fear of being "put down" while they wait to be adopted.

Aires, loving male needs a forever home.

The costs associated with running a Sanctuary are staggering, mostly Vet bills. We do have older cats who need more attention, more medicine, and special diets than the rest of the population.
We rely entirely on the kind people within our community and abroad. We are currently in financial crisis, and truly need your assistance! Our costs keep rising, and donations have been on the decline. We are in need of some physical repairs to our facility, which we have no way of resolving at this moment.
We are a small organization, who do not have the resources to do high profile campaigns or advertising, but we have some wonderful volunteers that have helped make positive steps so we are still here. We keep making the effort as we are all cat lovers, and believe that the felines, deserve to live a full life. It is sad when we loose them, but know that we must continue to do what is best for the cats, most who are ready for adoption, and some that are unable to be adopted, so we take the responsibility of making their lives matter! We are their voice!
With your help, we can continue to find loving, long term homes for those cats who are able to find their forever home, and help other cats who might end up on the street, or a bad or difficult situation.
EVERY dollar that is raised, is matched by Facebook. We hope that YOU will help us raise as much money as possible, so the match will double the total.
PLEASE SHARE with your friends, family, business associates.
If a monetary donations are not possible, we sure would love to speak with you to join our team of volunteers who help make our Sanctuary active within our community of Cleveland, OH by assisting with fundraising, community events, craft shows, cat showcases, media and web, event planning, and tasks at the shelter.
Ann Wilson - Director of PCSWe want to thank Facebook and Paypal, all Executives and Employees for their commitment to help those organizations who make impacts of all kinds for the communities in which we all reside.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ann Wilson - Director, Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary

If you would like to mail a check as a donation please use the following address:

Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary
P.O. Box
Lakewood, OH 44107

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